Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Florida Atlantic University.

By training, I am an applied mathematician who enjoys to develop accurate, efficient and robust numerical methods to solve real-world problems. Mainly, I focus on developing finite element methods for partial differential equations defined on surfaces. Such problems have many interesting applications; tumor growth, butter fly wing pigmentation, cell motility are to name a few.

During my postdoc years I got interested in with mathematical biology and started several collaborations in this area. This is a very exciting area of my research.

Research Areas

  • Finite Element Method on Surfaces
  • Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations (PDE)
  • Mathematical Biology
  • Age structured PDE Models
  • Immuno-Epidemiological Models
  • Structural and Practical Identifiability of Nested Epidemiological Models
  • Inverse Problems

  • Fall 2016, MAA 4200, Modern Analysis
  • Fall 2016, MAC 2311, Calculus And Analytic Geometry 1
  • Spring 2017, PIC Math Course