• Sean Perry

    Sean Perry, my current Ph.D student.
    (co-advised by Dr. William Kalies).

  • Jessica Thune

    Jessica Thune, my current Ph.D student.

  • Zach Tyree

    Zachariah Tyree, recent Ph.D student
    (co-advised by Dr. Hongwei Long).

  • Andy Thomack

    Andrew Thomack, recent Ph.D student.

  • Yuxun Sun

    Yuxun Sun, recent M.S. student.

  • Alex Dowling

    K. Alex Dowling, my recent honors thesis student.

  • Omar Eldaghar

    Omar Eldaghar, my former honors thesis student.

  • Chelsey Hoff

    Chelsey Hoff, my former undergraduate student.

  • Rocket team

    The FAU rocket team, 2014-2015.

I was the FAU College of Science nominee for the Distinguished Mentor of the Year in 2018 (one nominee per college).

    • My first Ph.D student Andrew Thomack graduated in December 2017. He is now a tenure-track assistant professor at Greenville University in Illinois. In his dissertation, Andy investigated asymptotics for the average number of complex zeros of random harmonic polynomials. Preprints of his papers can be found here. Andy also studied the Hele-Shaw free boundary problem using rigorous computation with conformal mapping (results are in preparation).

    • My second Ph.D student (co-advised with Dr. Hongwei Long) Zachariah Tyree graduated in December 2018 with a dissertation in Probability and Statistics (including random fields and topological data analysis). Zach completed an NSF MSGI internship at Oak Ridge National Lab, and he is now a research scientist at General Motors. His story of transitioning from Pure Math to Industrial Math is told here.

    • My third Ph.D student Jessica Khera graduated in May 2021. In her dissertation, she researched Analytic Combinatorics of the poly-Bernoulli numbers which enumerate, among other classes, lonesum matrices and acyclic orientation on complete bipartite graphs. Her results concern enumeration and asymptotics of the poly-Bernoulli numbers and related counting arrays. Preprints of her papers can be found here.

    • I am co-advising (with Dr. William Kalies) Sean Perry, a Ph.D student studying Gravitational Lensing and Computational Homology. Sean participated in the AMS Mathematical Research Communities workshop on The Mathematics of Gravity and Light (held in Rhode Island, Summer 2018). Preprints of his papers can be found here.

    • I advised Yuxun Sun for a Master's Degree Thesis. He studied the geometric and topological properties of a translation-invariant ensemble of random meromorphic lemniscates, that is, random curves defined by the level set of the modulus of a ratio of Gaussian entire functions.

    • I supervised undergraduate student K. Alex Dowling on an honors thesis project studying the distribution of homotopy types in random cubical complexes. We have submitted a paper for publication based on his senior thesis project (preprint on arXiv). Alex graduated with honors (Spring 2020), was awarded the University Scholar Award at graduation (only one award per College), and enrolled in the Ph.D program at Rutgers University.

    • I supervised undergraduate student Omar Eldaghar on an honors thesis project applying random graph models to large data sets from social networks. After graduating with honors (Spring 2017), Omar completed a Summer internship at Oak Ridge National Lab, published and presented his senior thesis at the international conference Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining (15% acceptance rate), and enrolled in graduate studiesat Purdue University with fellowship funding.

    • My undergraduate advisee, Chelsey Hoff, completed a senior research project using high performance computing to perform Monte-Carlo simulations of random spherical harmonics generated by i.i.d. uniformly distributed Maxwell poles. After graduating with honors (Fall 2015), Chelsey spent two semesters at Oak Ridge National Lab, and then began graduate studies at the University of Arizona.

    • I served as faculty advisor for the Math Club from Fall 2014 - Spring 2017. I am also actively involved in the (recently formed at FAU) SIAM student chapter. In academic year 2014-2015 I was the faculty advisor for the FAU hybrid motor rocket club (a mix of Math students and Mechanical Engineering students). I am also faculty advisor for an athletic club, the FAU kiteboarding association.