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The Graduate Student Seminar (GSS) is a series of short talks (30-60 minutes) which are given with the intended audience of FAU graduate and advanced undergraduate students. Talks should not suppose advanced prerequisite knowledge and provide a low pressure atmosphere for adjusting to the seminar style meetings which happen frequently on our campus. If you are interested in giving a talk, please contact Shane Keply (skepley@my.fau.edu), Andrew Thomack (athomack2013@fau.edu), or Alex Milbrand (amilbrand2014@fau.edu).

Date Presenter Title and Abstract
9/8/17 Alexandra Milbrand LaTex: Writing Mathematics. Part 1 of a 3-part series sponsored by AMS FAU Student chapter
9/15/17 Binod Rimal
9/22/17 Maxime Murray
10/13/17 Shane Keply, Shaun Miller, Zach Tyree Computation Softwares at FAU. Part 2 of a 3-part series sponsored by AMS FAU Student chapter
10/20/17 Jessica Thune
11/10/17 Veteran's Day
11/17/17 The Preposition You Ended Your Sentence With


LaTex: Writing Mathematics

Alexandra Milbrand

Abstract: We will give an introduction to the mark-up language, LaTex, commonly used to write mathematics. We will overview basic concepts, how to install it and get a document started, and resources for further work. We will also showcase some of the many uses that are relevant to the graduate mathematician.


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