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The Graduate Student Seminar (GSS) is a series of short talks (30-60 minutes) which are given with the intended audience of FAU graduate and advanced undergraduate students. Talks should not suppose advanced prerequisite knowledge and provide a low pressure atmosphere for adjusting to the seminar style meetings which happen frequently on our campus. If you are interested in giving a talk, please contact any of the current organizers below.

Current Organizers:
Alex Milbrand (amilbrand2014@fau.edu)
Sher Chhetri (schhetri2013@fau.edu)
Jessica Thune (jthune@fau.edu)

Past Organizers:
Aaron Hutchinson
Andrew Thomack (Fall 2015 - Fall 2017)
Shane Keply (Fall 2014 - Fall 2016)
Michael Epstein (Fall 2014)

Spring 2019 Schedule:

Date Presenter Title and Abstract
1/25/19 Emmanuel Fleurantin Stable/Unstable Manifold Bubbles, Resonant Tori, and Torus-Chaos in the Aizawa System
2/1/19 Sean Perry Counting Stars
2/8/19 Cathy Berrouet TBA
2/15/19 TBA
2/22/19 TBA
3/1/19 TBA
3/8/19 NONE - Spring Break
3/15/19 TBA
3/22/19 TBA
3/29/19 TBA
4/5/19 TBA
4/12/19 TBA
4/19/19 TBA
4/26/19 TBA
5/3/19 TBA

Previous Semesters:

Fall 2018
Spring 2018
Fall 2017
Spring 2017 and Earlier