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Spring 2018

The Graduate Student Seminar (GSS) is a series of short talks (30-60 minutes) which are given with the intended audience of FAU graduate and advanced undergraduate students. Talks should not suppose advanced prerequisite knowledge and provide a low pressure atmosphere for adjusting to the seminar style meetings which happen frequently on our campus.

Spring 2018 Organizers:
Alex Milbrand (amilbrand2014@fau.edu)
Sher Chhetri (schhetri2013@fau.edu)
Aaron Hutchinson (hutchinsona2013@fau.edu)

Date Presenter Title and Abstract
1/12/18 Brian Williams Meet-and-Greet With Brian
1/19/18 Yarema Boryshchak Finitely additive measures and Daniel's Integral
1/26/18 Emrah Karagoz An Intro to Algebraic Cryptanalysis
2/2/18 Shaun Miller Lattices and Babai's Nearest Plane Algorithm
2/9/18 Jessica Thune Alternating Permutations
2/16/18 Michael Epstein More on Analytic Combinatorics
2/23/18 Aaron Hutchinson Elliptic Curves and their Role in Cryptography
3/2/18 None Spring Break
3/9/18 None Spring Break
3/16/18 AXA Advisors Financial Mathematics
3/23/18 Akeel Omairi Unique Decomposition of Direct Sums of Ideals
3/30/18 Binod Rimal Existing Models for Zero Inflated Data
4/6/18 None CSGA Awards Banquet
4/13/18 Dr. Kalies, Dr. Chang, Dr. Schmidmeier AMS "Meet Your Faculty" Event
4/20/18 Daniel Grey A Perfect Strategy for Split-q-Nim
4/27/18 None Finals Week